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Temperature and Humidity Monitoring in food

Temperature ve humidity monitoring system guide in food

Environmental Monitoring Systems in Food: Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Food environments; It can be seen in cold storage, vegetable and fruit storage, meat and seafood storage environments, frozen food cabinets, market departments and cabinets. Conditions of food environments vary according to the storage conditions of food and beverages. In order to protect food and beverages in food environments for a long time and without deterioration, it must be monitored and continuously monitored with sensor equipment placed in their environment. In the general name of these tracking systems made with sensor data; It is called Environmental Monitoring Systems.

One of the many areas where environmental monitoring systems are used is the food industry. For example; in the long-term storage of red meat; At -18 ° C, vegetables and fruits in cold storage; It is kept at 4-6 ° C. In the transportation of food products without spoiling after production and in keeping them as fresh as the first day, environments must be monitored with certain sensors. Temperature and humidity monitoring devices required for monitoring ambient conditions help to ensure the safety of food and to prevent food and beverages from spoiling.

The temperature and humidity values ​​of the monitored food storage environment should not only be recorded in the closed system in the sensor devices, but also the temperature / humidity measurements should be transferred instantly to the responsible food storage environment.

You can choose the Kilardar Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System to monitor the temperature, humidity 24/7, report temperature and humidity values ​​during transportation and in the environments where food and beverages are stored, and to make continuous improvements and maintain the quality standard. Kilardar Systems does not only monitor the environments, but also provides you with analysis results and performance reports to keep the environments stable.

Kilardar Notification System

When the ambient sensor data exceeds the critical values after the critical threshold values are determined; informs media officers instantly. The Kilardar Notification System monitors the environments with its smart algorithms and warns you early.

Kilardar Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System; monitors the ambient and cabinet temperature and humidity values instantly. It enables critical alarm notifications including voice call, email, sms and push message. It includes features such as reporting in accordance with the legislation and continuously making suggestions for improvement thanks to its performance monitor.

The Kilardar Continuous Improvement System works to keep medical materials that are critical to protect even at ultra low (-270 ° C) and ultra high (+ 1300 ° C) temperatures with the principle of healing the worst.

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Kilardar Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System

In health; it is used in phase clinical trial chamber/cabinets, intensive care units, clinical investigation labs, blood centres, test and sample cabinets. In pharmaceutical; it is used in pharmaceutical warehouses, pharmacy, veterinary clinic, medicine cabinet/chest, vaccine cabinet/chest.

In food; it is used in cold storages, vegetable and fruit stores, meat and seafood storages, frozen food storage cabinet, market shelves and cabinets. In livestock; it is used in cattle-raising sheep and goat breeding, breeding farms, chicken, goose and eggs livestock, milking plant/facility , dairy farm, horse farms. In agricultural; it is used in greenhouses, agricultural terrains, seed growing, agricultural and farming areas, dry food production areas.

In education; it is used in educational labs, pre-school education institutions, nursery, youth centers, nursing homes, youth hostels / orphanage, boarding school. In transport; it is used in foodstuffs transport services, imports and exports containers, road transport, sealift, aerial transportation, storage/warehouse. In manufacturing; it is used in cosmetic medication and vaccine production areas, food production areas, i̇ndustrial consumption production areas.

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