Kilardar Connection Setup

Kilardar Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Device Wifi Identification

Temperature and humidity monitoring device wifi identification

Before starting the wireless internet definition of the device, the following materials should be prepared;

  • A laptop or smart phone.
  • Kilardar Temperature and Humidity Tracking Device.
  • Android phone charging cable to provide electrical connection to the device via
  • laptop.

    1. Adapter and plug connection of Kilardar temperature and humidity monitoring device is made. Power the Kilardar device with the USB cable.
    2. Connect to the KILARDAR network from the list of wireless networks on the laptop (as in the figure) or smartphone. Enter kilardar as the password.
    3. Open a similar page by typing in the address line of any internet browser (Chrome or Explorer). Type the WiFi Name and WiFi Password of the wireless network listed in the blank boxes on the screen and click the submit button.

    After waiting for 20 seconds, if there is no movement on the device LEDs; Unplug the adapter cable and plug it in again. Repeat the instructions from the 2nd item.

  • If the blue LEDs on the device, both of which are flashing, stop flashing and turn on in turn; device to connect to the internet means it works.
  • If both leds are lit together, the connection is established and the server is accessed.
  • If only the left led lights together; Wifi identification operations are repeated from the 2nd item.
  • Now; Register the device to the system by following the steps in Registration Directory.

    You can get detailed information by clicking the video.

    Ready to started?

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