Kilardar Membership

Kilardar Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System Registration

Temperature and humidity monitoring system registration

You must have a Kilardar Device to register. A New Company registration cannot be made without the device.
1. Click Sıgn In on the Click on the + New Membership button that comes up. You can also access the opened page directly from
2. In the page that opens, enter the MAC address on the back of the Kilardar device or in the box, using a colon. Verify restriction. Check if the device is defined in the system.
3. If a defined Mac address is entered in the system; The fields where you will enter your company and personal information will appear on the screen.

  • Company Name,
  • Name surname,
  • E mail address
  • Registration is completed by entering information.

    An automatic password will be sent to the e-mail address entered by the system.
    The program is entered using the e-mail address and password on the login screen (in the 1st figure).
    The automatically generated password can be changed in your Account / Profile section.

    Now; Learn the easy use of the Kilardar temperature and humidity monitoring system by following the steps in User Guide.

    You can get detailed information by clicking the video.

    Ready to started?

    Keep the temperature and humidity values ​​in the environment at the desired level with the Kilardar Continuous Improvement System.